Graphic Tees

Perfect for everyday wear! We offer graphic tees ranging in sizes Small-2X. 

Truvy Curvy Collection

When Tallulah meets Curvy. Our Curvy section is available in sizes 1X-3X.... 

The Face of Tallulah Rey

Well Hello Gorgeous!

Let me introduce myself, the face behind Tallulah Rey 💗

I’m Emily! I’m a Mama and a true spitfire.

No really just ask my mama. This boutique is my baby.

Most ask where the name came from and well I wanted to name my next baby Tallulah and call her Tillie but my other half and I have our hands quite full already so I named my store instead!

I am hell bent on making every girl/woman really anyone actually regain their sparkle. We are our worst critic trust me I’m more insecure than most BUT! If I can make each person that walks into my shop or Orders from me online beautiful I have succeeded.

I do everything with every ounce of passion and my shop is absolutely no different! So if you ever need to be dressed for an occasion or need a hype girl I’m right here. And you can ask anyone if isn’t my favorite I will be honest and tell you to try this instead! But be prepared for me to push you out of your comfort zone.

I’m a talker too. Like for real it gets on my family’s nerves. If you ever just need a getaway and need someone to listen my door is always open. I promise to make you feel beautiful!

Thank you so much to everyone who has believed in me this far! May your day be dipped in glitter and your hair extra teased 💗Xo-‘Em

Come By and See Us!

Our Storefront is located at

407 E. Commerce St. Fairfield,Texas 75840